Our Alternative experts

Keys2words works with a crew of naturopaths, herbal medicine practitioners & acupuncturists. Check out our experts below.

Sean Allison

Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu practitioner

Sean Allison has more than 10 years experience within the health and wellness industry. Sean has combined his extensive science background and ongoing post-graduate training in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine to bring a modern, evidence-based approach to his practice. You can find Sean most at home in his clinic, Bodyweb, in Sydney. Read more

Stacey Chapman

Acupuncturist + Massage Therapist

Stacey Chapman is a London-based acupuncturist and massage therapist, specialising in women’s hormonal health. Her practice combines the strengths of traditional acupuncture with modern and practical lifestyle and nutritional guidance to support people to better health and wellbeing. Read more

Our experts

Did you know Keys2words works with a crew of more than 40 handpicked health and wellness experts? Check out the categories below to discover more.


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