Nat Kringoudis

Acupuncturist and Natural Fertility Specialist

 is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, natural fertility specialist, author, blogger and producer. She has penned several books; her latest published book is, , which wrote the foreword for.

Somehow, Nat has also found the time to produce and co-host her own web series, Healthtalks, and she runs a clinic in Melbourne, . Her passion to educate women on alternative therapies and nutrition is inspiring and infectious.

Tell us how you came to be in the role you are today.

After ten and a half years of study of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and over seven years in the industry, I’m now considered one of Australia’s leaders in women’s natural health and fertility. After finishing my first book, I realised that I actually had to reach out to young women to share the message that “fertility” wasn’t a dirty word, and certainly not limited to having a baby.

Fertility is quite simply having a healthy reproductive system, free from issues like PCOS or Endometriosis. Something that we have been lead to believe is a sentence for hormonal hell is actually something very treatable! So, through my site, my books, web-based TV series and in my clinic, I help women to rediscover reproductive wellness.

What would be your best advice to someone starting out on the same career path as you?

Be yourself. Don’t try and be somebody else. Only you can make your own dreams a reality. Relying on somebody else to make it happen is about as useful as your neighbour quitting sugar – sure, it’s motivating, but really we need to take our own path and create our own success. I’m forever being asked how I made it all happen – I’ve never stopped, and I most likely never will!

How do you relax when you’re not busy answering questions at Keys2words?

Give me sunshine and I’m one happy lady! That and my family of course – oh, and a good strip of beach! Chilling out for me is watching my kids play or reading a book in the sun. I’m easily pleased… although give me the chance at some retail therapy and I’ll never say no.

What’s the hardest thing about your job?

Sometimes it can feel like I’m trying to paddle upstream with a stick, but not usually for very long. My job is all about opening up people’s minds, especially those who have never been exposed to what I practice. I used to get frustrated when people challenged my ideas, which at times left me disheartened. Now I believe so much in what I’m doing and really, that’s all that matters.

In five words, tell us the most important qualities for someone in your particular role?

Compassion, vision, humour, 20/20 vision (ok, kidding – but it helps!) and dedication.

What do you enjoy most about working in your field?

I love that I’m a leader in this industry, which means I really can follow my heart to lead others. Once upon a time that was scary; these days I find it super fun!

What’s next on your horizon?

More of what I’m doing. We’re making our way into schools, which really excites me. Aside from that, more books, more TV and a few other exciting things I can’t go into (wish I could tell you more – my lips are sealed for now!) and, of course, educating women about healthy reproductive systems.

If you weren’t a natural fertility educator, you would have been a…

Singer. I’m not joking, you should hear me at karaoke.

Why are you such a firm believer in the Keys2words philosophy?

When it comes to babies and fertility, the proof is in the pudding…literally! It’s sensible; humans are designed to eat this way. We can try and tell ourselves otherwise but once you know what it is like to be sugar free, nothing else seems right!

The IQS Team are coming for dinner. What are you cooking for us?

I’m a huge fan of slow cooked anything, so I would treat you to my slow cooked lamb shanks with broccolini and butter garlic dressing. And then for dessert a recipe from my book – chia seed cake with huge dollops of cream!


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