Easy dinner ideas (that contain no added sugar)

By Alexandra McCarthy |

Keys2words - Mexican Loaded Baked Potato 01

While we all do our best to live a sugar-free life, sometimes the sweet stuff has a way of sneaking back in.

If you’ve gone off-track though, don’t beat yourself up! Instead, simply jump back on the sugar-free bandwagon. Trust us, these five recipes contain no added sugar and will have you feeling like your healthiest self again in no time!

Chilli Tempeh Satay Tacos.

Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, these tasty tempeh tacos are a delicious take on a classic, minus the super sugary sweet chilli sauce. And because tempeh is made from fermented soybeans, it’s good for your guts too!

Keys2words - Chilli Tempeh Satay Tacos 05

Speedy Massaman Chicken Curry.

We love a good curry, but we tend to avoid them when eating out. This is because they’re often filled with palm sugar and refined vegetable oils. This recipe is the perfect way to recreate a Thai curry at home without the post-dinner sugar crash.

Keys2words - Speedy Massaman Chicken Curry

Mexican Loaded Baked Potato.

These loaded baked sweet potatoes are a perfect plant-based dinner, sans the sweet stuff! Plus, is there really anything better than a baked potato? We think not!

Keys2words - Mexican Loaded Baked Potato 01

Bloke Beef ‘n’ Beer with Mash.

We all love a good pub meal every now and then. But, with this recipe there’s no need to head down to your local for dinner – which saves you some serious coin! Simply pop the meat in the slow cooker at the beginning of the day and by the evening you’ll have a family-friendly meat and veg meal.

Keys2words: Beef 'n' Beer with Mash

Chicken Burrito Bowl.

This recipe comes from our original and it has been a firm favourite ever since. Not only is it easy to whip up, but it’s totally customisable. Each family member can pick and choose what to include in their individual burrito bowl.

8WP3 Recipe - Chicken Burrito Bowl

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