What to drink when you’re so thirsty you can’t even…

By Phoebe McCreath |

Keys2words - What to drink when you’re so thirsty you can't even…

So, you’ve finally decided to give sugar the flick! Woohoo!

But now… you’ve got a thirst you simply can’t seem to quench and well, you’re wondering if you made the right call.

You have, we promise. A common withdrawal symptom of quitting the sweet stuff is increased thirst, as your blood sugar begins to stabilise.

So, while your body does its thing, here are some of our favourite hydrating bevvies (that are darn delish too!).

Coconut water.

What’s more hydrating than sipping fresh coconut water on a tropical island? Well, lucky for you, coconut water has been packaged up so you can sip on the good stuff without having to take a holiday. Coconut water is packed with , to keep your muscles functioning properly while hydrating your bod. Plus, coconuts contain , so you can sip guilt free!

Iced tea.

Move over store-bought iced teas that are loaded with the sweet stuff. Homemade iced tea is a great way to add flavour to water and encourage yourself to drink up. So pop the jug on, infuse your fave antioxidant-rich blend and then, put your feet up while your bevvy cools down. Try this Infused Iced Green Tea, packed with light summery flavours.


It’s no secret that we’re crazy about ! This naturally fermented bevvy is essentially a sparkling iced tea, full of to help heal and seal your gut, all the while keeping you hydrated too. What’s not to love?


Smoothies are a great way to sip in style while nourishing your body. Give our Beets + Greens Liver-Loving Cleanse a try – beets are chock-full of electrolytes and also help to reduce inflammation, all while quenching your thirst. Happy sipping!

Keys2words - Beets + Greens Liver-Loving Cleanse

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