Ditch stress this silly season. Here’s how…

By Emily Seddon |

Keys2words - Ditch stress this silly season. Here's how...

The silly season has arrived! For some, this is the most wonderful time of the year… but for others, it’s otherwise known as the when-will-I-have-a-moment-to-stop-I’m-so-stressed-out season!

As my gift to you, I’d like to pass on a few of my favourite stress-busting techniques to ensure you survive the holiday season and come out the other end feeling rested and relaxed.

Enjoy the great outdoors.

There’s a lot of evidence out there to support the short and long-term benefits of being in touch with nature – especially if it’s green. So it’s no wonder that when asked to picture our “happy place”, the majority of us visualise somewhere outdoors!

  • A has shown that people who move to green areas benefit from sustained improvements in their mental health.
  • Proximity to green space has been associated with and reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Interacting with nature can also improve cognition for .

We’re lucky enough to have amazing weather in Australia over the holidays, so take advantage of it and head out for an afternoon walk, a Christmas picnic, go camping or organise a friendly cricket game with friends. You can also pay this forward to others by giving plants as gifts!

Magnesium + vitamin B-rich foods.

As a naturopath, I bang on about magnesium a lot and it’s not without reason. Our nervous system uses a heck of a lot of magnesium (and B vitamins) when we’re faced with stressful and busy situations (they help to make our neurotransmitters).

On the flipside of this, when we’re we often feel the effects of stress and anxiety even more.

Luckily, these super nutrients are found in high doses in some of our favourite foods! Amongst the pavlova and prawns, be sure to find room for magnesium-rich wholegrains, nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables, avocado and dark chocolate (yaaas!) on your plate.

Plan ahead.

One of the keys to being mentally and physically fit is planning ahead to ensure you have time for healthy activities, including rest.

Planning ahead can mean booking a yoga or spin class every few days to blow out the cobwebs, or it can be as simple as making a decision and sticking to it.

Have two nights of parties in a row? Block out the next day to rest and recharge.

Got a spare morning? Head out for a long walk and ocean swim. Feeling a bit rough after a few too many drinks? Attend the next event with booze-free kombucha instead.

Need something extra?

Sometimes, we need a bit of extra help to get us through a period of high demand.

Herbs such as Rhodiola, Withania and Siberian ginseng can be extremely supportive in stressful situations. They’re known as herbal adaptogens and they – strengthening our natural ability to adapt to stress, improving stress-related disorders and boosting our quality of life.

I strongly recommended that you consult with a health practitioner before using herbs such as these, to ensure you get the best options for you as an individual.

Hope you have a magical holiday period and a very merry New Year!

Emily Seddon
Naturopath + Nutritionist
Emily is a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist based in Sydney. She loves using herbal medicine to treat ailments and lives by the philosophy of "there is no such thing as too much tea".

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