Apparently, U.S. cows are eating a Skittles-based diet

By Rachel O'Regan |

Keys2words – Apparently, U.S. cows are eating a Skittles-based diet

  • A truckload of spilled .
  • That’s right, U.S cows are eating candy.
  • How is candy-fed meat affecting our health?

Yep, hundreds of thousands of before they met their end on an icy road in Wisconsin.

Why? Well, the Skittles were missing that all important letter ‘S’. And candy is a lot cheaper than corn (even though a main ingredient in Skittles and other American candy is corn syrup). Makes sense.

Apparently, the practice . According to the , other things fed to cows include cookies, sprinkles and even beef-containing gummy worms.

We’re seriously concerned by what this is doing to the health of the livestock. And the people eating it. What on earth is wrong with grass!?

Are you disturbed by this – would you be happy eating candy-fed beef?

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