Why these 6 celebrities quit sugar (and how you can too)

By Marie-Antoinette Issa |

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What do John Goodman, Kate Hudson and Adele have in common? 

As well as as trophy cabinet full of awards, they all gave sugar the flick. Here’s why these superstars quit the white stuff. And how you can make like a celebrity and do the same on our Keys2words:

  1. John Goodman.

Pre fructose-free fame: Fructose is no laughing matter, but this funny man sure is. John showcased his comedy chops in The Big Lebowski, among other classics.

Why he’s a sugar-free star: A massive weight-loss transformation made John one of our most popular stories in 2015. After years of struggling with his eating habits, he quit sugar and shed a whopping 100 pounds (that’s almost 50 kilograms) as a result.

  1. Kate Hudson.

Pre fructose-free fame: Winning a Golden Globe (and an Oscar nomination) for her role in Almost Famous and rocking the boho-chic look like nobodies business.

Why she’s a sugar-free star: Kate quit sugar and kicked her afternoon energy slumps to the curb. “I realised I was craving [something sweet] like an addict around 4pm every day. And it hit me how much sugar we really eat,” says Kate.

  1. Eva Longoria.

Pre-fructose-free fame: Her extra-marital shenanigans with the young gardener as one of the original Desperate Housewives.

Why she’s a sugar-free star: She may have spent countless nights scheming her way out of trouble on screen, but in real life Eva credits her sugar-free lifestyle for a good night’s sleep. “My diet usually consists of no sugar… It gives you more energy and helps you sleep better.”

  1. Peter FitzSimons.

Pre fructose-free fame: The former Australian rugby union player turned newspaper columnist is a polarising figure. His red bandana alone almost started civil war on our Facebook page! But we’re taking our hats off to him for sharing his sugar-free story.

Why he’s a sugar-free star: Ironically (or maybe not), Peter reckons when you stop the sugar, you stop feeling so damn hungry all the time”.

  1. Tom Hanks.

Pre fructose-free fame: Have you heard of Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan and The Da Vinci Code? Thought so…

Why he’s a sugar-free star: Tom joined the brigade of celebrities who quit sugar after being diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. After being advised that going sugar-free could help control his blood sugar levels, Tom realised that life may be a box of chocolates, but he didn’t have to eat them if he wanted to be the healthiest version of himself.

  1. Adele.

Pre fructose-free fame: Hello?! Adele is famous for tear-jerking, heart-wrenching, Grammy-winning ballads that almost make it socially acceptable to stand outside your ex’s house begging to have them back.  

Why she’s a sugar-free star: Her talent in penning chart-topping hits is a given, but Adele deserves some extra accolades for her decision to quit sugar. While she has slimmed down as a result of nixing the 20 teaspoons that came with her daily tea habit, we’re really singing her praises for quitting sugar to build stamina and energy.

Feel like you and Adele might have a little in common? Our Keys2words: can also help you give up the sweet stuff for good. 

We originally published this article in January 2016. We updated it in April 2016.

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