Victory! Arnott’s to remove misleading canteen logos

By Rachel O'Regan |

  • We did it! Arnott’s has today agreed to remove fake “canteen-approved” logos off packaging for products including Tiny Teddy and Shapes.
  • Sarah Wilson and the IQS community lobbied the government and food companies to take a stricter stance on canteens for over a year, with consumer group CHOICE joining the fight this week.
  • Why? Because 43 per cent of parents believe the logos have been approved by an independent authority or government body.

Score 1 to Keys2words and the parents of Australia. After many months of Sarah Wilson and IQS campaigning for stricter and clearer canteen guidelines, food giant Arnott’s has agreed to remove misleading “canteen-approved” logos from their products. Woo!

The good news comes after IQS and CHOICE consumer advocacy group united to reveal the 17 different unapproved canteen logos on processed foods like Tiny Teddy, Paddle Pops and Coco-Pops Liquid Breakfast (yuck). As we revealed yesterday, these products do absolutely nothing to deserve their “health halos”, often stuffed with sugar, vegetable oil and unnamed compounds.

With 43 per cent of parents believing these logos are regulated and confirm nutritional superiority, you can see why we’ve been banging on. But it seems to have worked (finally!), with Arnott’s exclusively releasing a statement to IQS and CHOICE today:

“Arnott’s is in the process of updating our Tiny Teddy and Shapes formulations and packs for the first time in many years. As part of this work, we are focusing on the new Government Health Star Rating System and moving away from the Canteen Guidelines. Beginning early next year, references to the canteen guidelines will be phased out on the front of pack for Tiny Teddy and by mid next year will be entirely removed from all Shapes and Tiny Teddy packs.”

We don’t doubt that this decision is in huge part to the continual pressure and action from our IQS community over the last year. To everyone who signed our petition, lobbied government and even left a comment about the canteen guidelines, we sincerely thank you. But it’s not over yet. Let’s keep this ball rolling! One down, 16 more to go.

Click below and sign the CHOICE petition to get these misleading labels off shelves.

Are you happy with Arnott’s decision? What action would you like to see from Aussie food companies next?

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