Gut Lovin' Gelatin

  • 100% natural
  • Produced in Australia
  • Made from Australian pasture-raised beef
  • Gluten-free and lactose-free
  • 100% pure gelatin - no additives, preservatives or fillers

What is Gut Lovin' Gelatin + Why we love it?

This 100% natural collagen powder is made from the bones and connective tissue of pasture-raised beef. It's super nutritious and great for your health! Plus, with our oh-so-tasty recipes, it's a simple way to get this gut-lovin' goodness into your gut. Boasting 18 amino acids, our nutrient-dense gelatin can be "bloomed" in minutes to create delicious jellies, gut-lovin' gummies, panna cottas, kid-friendly treats and marshmallows. Our Gut Lovin' Gelatin has been lovingly crafted using top-notch ingredients!

Gut health + why it's important

A healthy gut is linked to a healthy body. Essentially, our gut is a complex ecosystem, housing a diverse collection of bacteria – both “good” and “bad”. When our gut is healthy and these microbes are in balance our overall health and immunity is improved.

An imbalance of these bacteria however, is linked to a number of health issues including IBS, allergies, autoimmune issues and depression. Ditching sugar, reducing stress and including gut-lovin' foods like gelatin are vital if we're to achieve optimal health.

"Gelatin is made from collagen which is the most abundant protein in the human body! It's found in hair, skin, nails, organs, tissues, blood vessels and more. When ingested, gelatin helps to heal the gut lining by enhancing gastric acid secretion and restoring a healthy mucosal lining along the digestive tract. This means you can better absorb the nutrients from food, and create a better environment for your gut bacteria which in turn reduces inflammation in the gut."
Olivia Kaplan
IQS nutritionist + recipe developer

Benefits of Gut Lovin' Gelatin

Benefits digestion by enhancing the absorption of nutrients, reducing inflammation and acidity.
Promotes liver detoxification due to the amino acid glycine, which helps the liver rid toxins from the body.
Boosts metabolism and aids weight loss.
Builds lean muscle as collagen is the most common protein in the human body and is often thought of as the "glue" that holds the body together.
Helps reduce inflammation in the body due to anti-inflammatory amino acids glycine and proline.
Aids insomnia as research shows that glycine, taken before bed, can improve sleep quality and boost memory.

How to use gelatin

While there's no official limit as to how much gelatin you can consume in a day, 2–3 tablespoons a day is about right when it comes to boosting gut health!

Give these recipes a go...

Watermelon Bites

Off The Wagon Wheel

Lamington Gummies

Raspberry Gummies

Jazzy Jaffa Cakes

18 awesome amino acids

Gelatin is a fast and furious source of protein. It contains 18 amino acids, many of which are “essential”, meaning they must be acquired as part of our diet.

  1. Essential

  2. Histidine - 0.8
  3. Isoleucine - 1.5
  4. Leucine - 3.3
  5. Lysine - 3.5
  6. Methionine - 0.7
  7. Phenylalanine - 2.4
  8. Threonine - 2.1
  9. Valine - 2.2
  10. Doesn't contain
  1. Non-Essential

  2. Glycine - 21.4
  3. Alanine - 8.9
  4. Arginine - 7.9
  5. Aspartic acid - 6.0
  6. Glutamic acid - 10.0
  7. Hydroxylysine - 1.0
  8. Hydroxyproline - 11.9
  9. Proline - 3.6
  10. Serine - 3.6
  11. Tyrosine - 0.5

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?
The RRP for Gelatin is $34.99 for 500g and $19.99 for 250g.
Do you deliver overseas?
We’re currently only shipping to Australia and New Zealand (but we're working on it!).
Why did you create your own product?
When Sarah came across gelatin, she experienced so many benefits from using it that she decided to do further research. What she found, was that most gelatin powder on the market was made from grain-fed cows, was full of preservatives and the best quality stuff was being shipped to Australia from South America via the U.S
Australia has some of the most sustainable beef farming practices in the world, so Sarah was able to produce a product that is:
  • Made from secondary cast-offs from meat production (yep, leftovers!)
  • Low in carbon miles
  • A powdered gut product as opposed to a liquid which would mean more wasteful packaging.
  • Ethically and sustainably sound. Australian beef production is acclaimed for using best practice processes. The beef is pasture-raised which means it's predominantly grass-fed (unless drought or other factors are at play which compromise these conditions which mean it may be grain-finished).
  • Packaged in recyclable, lightweight bags made from recycled craft paper, as opposed to plastic tubs.
The aim was to produce a product that genuinely promotes good health. Our product gives you the opportunity to make fun, healthy treats with your family!
Is it really made from beef bones?
Gut Lovin' Gelatin is made from the skin, hides, connective tissue and sometimes bones of cattle. Whilst these cuts are not necessarily being thrown away, demand for this is not typically high. Producing this type of gelatin means the demand for these cuts increases and it ensures waste is minimised.
What if I'm vegan or vegetarian?
If you're vegetarian or vegan, this may not be the product for you. As an alternative, we recommend looking into fermented foods like miso, tempeh, sauerkraut, kefir and kombucha for their gut-lovin' properties.
If you're after a substitute, agar agar produces a similar gelling effect to that of gelatin, but it doesn't contain the same amino acid content or nutrient profile. As a result, it doesn't produce the same digestive benefits. When substituting agar agar for gelatin in our recipes, we recommend trying 1 tablespoon of agar agar from every 3 tablespoons of gelatin (as it tends to set more firmly). This will vary between brands though, so you may need to experiment a little.
Are there any additives?
No! Our gelatin is 100 per cent gelatin, with nothing added. It's also free from peanuts and other allergens including soy, egg and nuts.
Why isn't it organic?
Gelatin powder is created through a process called “partial hydrolysis” so unfortunately it's incorrect to label it as “organic”. You'll notice however, that no gelatin products are labelled organic so regardless of the quality of the livestock or its offcuts, the product has still been altered during production.
What is the “Bloom” grade of Gut Lovin' Gelatin?
The “bloom” grade refers to gelatin's gel strength which ranges from 0 to 300. Our Gut Lovin' Gelatin sits between 210–230, depending on the batch.
How much gelatin can I consume per day?
There's no official limit as to how much gelatin should be eaten each day, though around 2–3 tablespoons is about right to boost gut health. Start gently with half to 1 teaspoon a day, and slowly increase. As with anything, more isn't necessarily better so listen to your body!
How much gelatin is used in each recipe?
We generally use up to 3 1/2 tablespoons of Gut Lovin’ Gelatin in our recipes.
If you're subbing our Gut Lovin' Gelatin for sheets or envelopes of gelatin, keep in mind that you'll likely need to experiment. Approximately 1 tablespoon of gelatin = 1 envelope granulated gelatin or 3 sheets of leaf gelatin.
Will my kids like gelatin?
We think so! Gelatin can be used in so many ways (hello, jelly and gummies!) that it's sure to become a firm family favourite. We've got a bunch of great ideas on our site to suit all taste buds!
What is the nutritional profile of gelatin?
Gelatin is a great source of complete protein, containing 18 amino acids – many of which are “essential”, meaning we must consume them as part of our diet. And, it's 100 per cent sugar-free! Each tablespoon (15g), contains 221kJ and 13g of protein. But keep in mind, at IQS we don't count calories… we count nutrients!

Gut Lovin' Gelatin

  • 100% natural
  • Produced in Australia
  • Made from Australian pasture-raised beef
  • Gluten-free and lactose-free
  • 100% pure gelatin - no additives, preservatives or fillers
Servings per packet:
Servings per packet:
Average Quantity per Serving 100g
Energy: 221kK 1496kJ
Protein: 13g 88g
Fat total:
 - Saturated
 - Sugars
Sugars 45mg 300mg

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