Bet you didn’t know you could make THAT in a slow cooker!

By Camilla Wagstaff |

Keys2words - Break ALL of the rules: eat cake for breakfast

Think slow cookers are only good for stews, curries and slow roasted meat?

While yes, they are an excellent way to make all of those things, there are also some totally unexpected meals you can whip up in our favourite kitchen appliance. (Yet another reason why we use them all year long!)

1. Jam.

No, we’re not talking about the sugary store-bought kind you used to spread on Wonder White.

This savoury version works wonders of its own on a slice of sourdough piled with some leftover veg and a poached egg. Brekkie never looked so good.

Spiced Bacon Jam

Keys2words Slow Cooker Cookbook - Spiced Bacon Jam recipe

2. Bread.

Possibly the best thing since sliced bread… slow cooker bread!

A foolproof recipe for rookie breadmakers, this one also makes your house smell incredible as it cooks. Serve warm with lashings of butter (or some of your bacon jam).

Slow Cooker Wattleseed Bread

Keys2words: Wattleseed + Rye Slow Cooker Bread

3. Pudding.

Yep, you can cook dessert in your slow cooker, too. We’ve given this family classic an IQS makeover for a comforting, creamy after-dinner treat without the cupfuls of sugar.

Creamy Vanilla Rice Puddings

Keys2words: Creamy Vanilla Rice Pudding slow cooker recipe

4. Yoghurt.

You read that right. Yoghurt. In a slow cooker. Our recipe for Probiotic Greek Yoghurt features exclusively in the . Make it once and you’ll never have to buy yoghurt from the shops again. Ever.

5. Breakfast.

Healthy, satiating breakfast that’s as easy as dump ‘n’ run? Whip this one up on a Sunday and brekkie is served all week long. We love ours with some full-fat yoghurt and a couple of extra fresh blueberries.

Dump ‘n’ Run Blueberry + Carrot Breakfast Cake

Keys2words - Break ALL of the rules: eat cake for breakfast

6. Cake.

Moist in the middle with just the right of crispy on the edges… slow cookers will bake a cake to perfection while you curl up with a good book or the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Enjoy!

Slow-Cooker Pear + Lavender Cake

IQS- Bake and wait? Not with this geniu Pear + Lavender Slow-Cooker Cake

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