You asked, we listened… we’re taking our 8WP weekly!

By Ashley Cameron |

Keys2words - You asked, we listened… we’re taking our 8WP weekly!

Last week, as the new year rang in, what was your resolution? To lose weight? Learn to cook? Have more energy?

Well, roll on up! Our is just the healthy ticket you need to sail into 2018 with your best foot forward. But, if you missed the boat last week when sign-ups for our January round closed – don’t fret because we’ve got great news… we’re taking our weekly! So now you can ditch the sweet stuff WHENEVER YOU WANT!

Yep, that means that if you’ve had a slightly more sugary week than normal and want to break your addiction to the sweet stuff, you don’t have to wait until next month rolls round. You can literally sign up at any time.

So, what else has changed?

Well, not much. But instead of kicking off each round on a Thursday, you’ll now have until Sunday to sign up. That means, if you’ve woken up on a Sunday morning (perhaps feeling a little worse for wear after a tough weekend) and decided that you’re keen to do your health a favour this week, you can register for the Program, grab your groceries, get cooking and wake up on Monday ready to rock.

Still not convinced?

We get it. Saying sayonara to your old friend sugar can be a tough step to take. But we promise we’ll be with you every step of the way! Our meal plans are designed with love by our in-house nutritionists so you can be sure you’re getting a daily dose of health, including 7–9 serves of veg every single day. You’ll also receive all the latest sugar science (and once you read it, you can’t unlearn this stuff!) all our top tips and tricks on how you can live a low-sugar life, for good.

It’s the ultimate way to knock those New Year’s resolutions out of the park. In just eight weeks you’ll feel lighter, have a clearer head, more energy, be sleeping better and best of all – you’ll no longer be a slave to sugar. Win, win!

For everything you need to know about our, click here! We can’t wait for you to join us next week.

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