9 things you need to know before going sugar-free

By Alexandra McCarthy |

Keys2words: 9 things you need to know before going sugar-free

While quitting sugar may seem daunting, it really shouldn’t.

But, if you’re sitting on the fence about jumping on the sugar-free bandwagon, here are nine things that you should know before taking the plunge!

1. You’re going to get asked a lot of questions from family + friends.

When you decide to get off the rollercoaster that is eating sugar and processed foods, your loved ones will likely ask you a lot of questions. In fact, some might even disagree with the change you’re making, but don’t let that get you down. But, do expect questions like “do you still eat fruit?” and “isn’t quitting sugar just another fad diet?” as well as many others

2. You’ll learn to cook.

If you’re already pretty handy in the kitchen, then completing our Program will arm you with a bunch of delicious recipes! But, if you’re not a regular Jamie Oliver ( who is, really?!) then our Program will give you the gift of cooking. Our is zero-waste, so you’ll get really good at using up every scrap of food. And, you’ll also learn to love leftovers – we mean really love them!

3. Sunday Cook-Ups are necessary for staying on track.

Whilst on the Program, we encourage you to spend a few hours of your Sunday meal prepping. While this may sound tedious, it really isn’t and it’ll save you many hours during the week. Trust us – when you get home after a long day at work and part of your meal is already cooked you’ll be cheering.

4. You can still drink wine!

That’s right – wine is fine to drink while on the Program. In general, we opt for moderate amounts of low-sugar alcohols like red wine, beer and spirits such as gin, vodka and whiskey. Just make sure to avoid anything sparkling (we’re looking at you, champagne) and dessert wine as they are swimming with sugar.

5. It’s not as hard as you think.

Eliminating sugar from your diet is not as overwhelming as you think. It’s just about making conscious decisions about what you are putting into your mouth each day. Plus, you quickly learn to become sugar-savvy and checking ingredient labels becomes second nature. So, while it might seem foreign in the beginning, living the sugar-free lifestyle soon becomes like riding a bike – you never forget how to do it once you learn.

6. The cravings won’t kill you.

When you’re absolutely dying for a piece of chocolate you may disagree with us, but we promise that cravings don’t last long – and they definitely don’t kill you! So, while you may find that your internal dialogue ramps up when you have cravings (“eat the cake, no don’t eat the cake!”), they pass pretty quickly and we have stacks of craving-busting tips in our Program to give you a helping hand.

7. You’ll probably lose weight.

Dropping a few kilos is often a welcome side effect of kicking sugar to the curb. In fact, a whopping 91 per cent of males that have completed our Program have lost weight! But weight loss isn’t the only positive of quitting sugar – you will also experience clearer skin, stable energy levels and increased satisfaction after meals. Winning!

8. You don’t have to be perfect.

This Program is definitely not about achieving perfection! It’s here to hold your hand through the process of changing your lifestyle and ditching the sweet stuff – all while eating fantastic food. So, please don’t let the idea of failure turn you off making the change. We’re all human and sometimes we fall off the sugar-free bandwagon, but we simply dust ourselves off and jump right back on – with support from the IQS community!

9. You won’t go hungry!

During the, you’ll have access to a delicious meal plan which provides you with recipes for brekkie, lunch and dinner everyday. These meals are a perfect balance of protein, carbs, healthy fats and a ton of veggies to ensure that you feel satisfied and don’t feel the need to go searching for a choccy bar at 3pm! In fact, 97 per cent of graduates who completed the Program found the meals really filling – so you definitely won’t go hungry when ditching the sweet stuff.

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