7 ways to make your coffee healthier

By Alexandra McCarthy |

Keys2words - 7 ways to make your coffee healthier

It feels like every week there’s a new study telling us that coffee is harming our health…

But, coffee has some surprising health benefits and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a cup of Joe if you feel like it – and can tolerate it. In fact, found that those who drank coffee had a , as well as a !

That’s not to say that coffee hasn’t been linked to , but as time goes by, the positive effects of coffee have become increasingly apparent. And, according to researchers, drinking up to (but no more than) is considered the optimum amount to reap the benefits.

Plus, did you know that you don’t have to give up your daily cup of coffee when you quit sugar?! You can all breathe a collective sigh of relief! However, we do recommend that you try to limit yourself to one cup a day and always take it with full-fat milkwe steer clear of low-fat anything around here!

We also have a bunch of IQS-approved coffee hacks that you NEED to know which will make your coffee healthier (and even more delicious!).

1. Cinnamon.

Not only does cinnamon taste deliciously warming and sweet but it’s seriously good for you too! It boasts as well as . And, it also helps to beat sugar cravings so you’re seriously doing yourself a favour by adding a little to your morning brew.

2. Gelatin.

Our Gut Lovin’ Gelatin ain’t just for gummies – it’s also the perfect addition to coffee! Gelatin helps to reduce inflammation within the body, build lean muscle and boost digestion as well as supporting skin health – it’s packed with collagen which keeps your skin smooth and wrinkle-free. So, you can basically drink coffee and replenish your body’s stores of collagen – pretty great! We love to include a teaspoon of our Gut Lovin’ Gelatin in our Bulletproof coffee.

3. Coconut Oil.

If you’ve had Bulletproof coffee before, you’re no stranger to this coffee hack. Adding a tablespoon of coconut oil adds a slight sweetness to your morning brew while also providing a great source of saturated fat which helps your body to absorb vitamins, and boosts immune function. Yep, just another use for coconut oil!

4. Cacao.

Just because you’ve quit sugar, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a mocha (coffee + chocolate) every now and then. And the easiest way to do this is by adding a teaspoon of cacao powder to your coffee. Firstly, yum! And secondly, cacao is full of antioxidants which have been shown to help lower insulin resistance, protect your nervous system and lower blood pressure.

5. Butter.

While buttery coffee might not sound appetising, it’s actually delicious! When blended with black coffee, MCT oil and gelatin – this is our preferred Bulletproof recipe – it creates a creamy and filling drink. Plus, butter is filled with saturated fats and rare fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin K2.

6. Cardamom.

Like cinnamon, cardamom is a super warming spice which tastes great in coffee. It also boosts its nutritional profile – cardamom is (great for keeping you regular!) as well as minerals like . Add a sprinkle of cardamom and cinnamon to your daily cup for a sweet, spiced brew.

7. Maca.

If you’ve gotten on the Bulletproof train but are ready to take it one step further, a great addition is maca powder. This earthy-tasting powder has long been used as a way to , but it’s also filled with . Pop a teaspoon in to pimp your coffee.

How do you like to enjoy your cup of Joe? Have you tried any of these hacks before?

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