Keys2words — 7 Day Reboot


Starts every Sunday!

Our 7-day meal plan is devised by our in-house nutritionists to get you back on the sugar-free wagon. Just the most nutrient-dense food combos to reset your appetite, energy and those damn cravings.

Why should I do the 7-Day Reboot?

  • Following the proven IQS formula, it includes 7–9 serves of veg a day!
  • It will get you back on track by cooking REAL FOOD.
  • Super simple Sunday Cook-Up (to get you fired up!).
  • Starts every Thursday.
  • $15.87 AUD a day.
“Our recipes are packed with flavour and filled with an abundance of fresh produce, to help your body reset and repair.”
Nutritionist and IQS food and recipes manager

Is the 7-Day Reboot right for me?

Our is the only real sugar-quitting solution. It’s loaded with the latest science, community support, expert advice and access to tips and tricks to help you give sugar the boot.
For good!

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7-Day Reboot

The 7-Day Reboot is perfect for those that have completed our and would like to get back into the flow of healthy eating. It’s also a great option for folks wanting a little sample of the low-sugar life.

“The 7-Day Reboot has been the perfect reset to get me back on track with healthy eating and finally into a routine!”
Jenny graduate

What you get on the 7-Day Reboot

Nutritionist-developed meal plans for seven days.
Choice between omnivore or vegetarian recipes.
Exclusive nutrient-dense recipes, including Sunday cook-ups and snacks.
Downloadable Toolkit with infographics and meal builders.
Daily emails to support and nurture you through the Reboot.
Access to a live feed of daily content, packed with the latest science and bonus kitchen hacks.

“The meal plans have clearly been developed to nourish your body and finish the seven days feeling light and fresh.”
IQS expert + naturopath

How does it work?

Rest assured we’re with you every step of the way! We’ll check in daily to see how you’re going and offer extra support.

We release your meal plan and shopping list so you can get ready for the week ahead.
Time for a little meal prep! The Reboot begins with Sunday night dinner.
We’ll send you daily emails with exclusive bonus content to make sure your Reboot is as easy and fun as possible.

“The meal plans are packed with protein, veggies and satiating fats so you're not left facing the 3pm slump and craving a sugar hit!”
Nutritionist and IQS recipe developer


This is my first time quitting sugar, should I do the or 7-Day Reboot?
Our is the number one sugar-quitting solution and we do recommend this for first timers. But if you’re just not ready to commit to eight weeks, the 7-Day Reboot will give you a taste of how the works and ease you into quitting sugar.
I’ve done the before, should I repeat it or try the 7-Day Reboot?
The 7-Day Reboot is perfect for anyone who has quit sugar but needs a little support getting back on track after a lapse. If you’re after a longer Program with more meal plans, more recipes and online community forums, then definitely try the again!
How much does it cost?
The 7-Day Reboot costs $49 AUD.
When can I start the 7-Day Reboot?
You can sign up at any time, with a new round beginning every Sunday.
Do I have to give up coffee and alcohol?
We do recommend cutting it out for the seven days as we want to give your whole body a reboot.
Can I do the Reboot overseas?
You sure can! Everything you need to complete the Program is online and we’ve taken extra care to develop recipes using seasonally neutral ingredients.
Vegan or vegetarian?
While we do offer a vegetarian meal plan, we unfortunately do not provide vegan options on our vegetarian recipes.
How long will I have access to the Reboot?
You have access to all of the Reboot information, meal plans and recipes for three weeks from the start date. You’ll also be able to download all of the meal plans to use down the track, if you like.
What do I get on the 7-Day Reboot?
The 7-Day Reboot is an online program with daily content, emails and a seven-day meal plan. You also get a customisable shopping list and a downloadable Toolkit, which will set you up to stay living a low-sugar life well beyond the seven days.
How do I access the 7-Day Reboot?
7-Day Reboot is an online program. Meal plans, recipes and shopping lists will be downloadable.
“The 7-Day Reboot is such a fantastic way to enjoy a variety of nutrient-dense vegetables and produce.”
IQS expert + holistic counsellor
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