The 5 foods you should def avoid at brekkie time

By Alexandra McCarthy |

Keys2words - The 5 foods you should def avoid at brekkie time

It’s important to start your day on the right foot and that means fuelling your body with a filling brekkie…

But, if you reach for a bowl of sugary cereal to break your overnight fast, chances are you’ll be hanging out for some choccy/chips/cake come 3pm.

Your brekkie plate should be loaded up with protein, healthy fats and complex carbs in order to keep your energy levels up. Enjoying a fat-filled breakfast also helps to fight cravings, keep your brain alert and assist with weight control.

When you’re wondering what to fill your brekkie plate with, steer clear of these five dishes…

1. Syrupy French toast and/or pancakes.

Ordering French toast or pancakes from your local cafe is a surefire way to start your day on a sugary foot. Not only is the French toast/pancake batter filled with sugar, but these dishes are often served with lashings of maple syrup and fruit too. It’s basically a fructose bomb. Opting for eggs on sourdough with tomato and avocado instead, ensures you’ll be starting your day with a balanced brekkie that’ll keep you going for longer.

2. Açaí bowls.

While açaí berries might be high in antioxidants, the bowls you see all over Instagram are actually swimming with the sweet stuff. The berries themselves are relatively low in sugar, but they’re often blended with huge amounts of agave syrup, bananas, mango and honey to sweeten. So, you’re basically eating a massive bowl of fructose, which dumps on your liver, leading to weight gain! Put simply, your liver stores any excess fructose it can’t break down as fat. Yikes!

3. Cereal.

Starting your day with a big bowl of cereal may have been the norm when you were a kid, but it’s time to ditch your cereal habit. Most cereal, granola and muesli is brimming with sugar – even those marketed as “healthy” are filled with dried fruit and sweeteners like honey. If you can’t possibly start your day without a crunchy bowl of cereal, why not try our Coco-Nutty Granola? It’s crunchy, sugar-free and is filled with healthy fats from the nuts, so it’ll keep you feeling satisfied right through till lunch.

4. Smoothies.

Now, we love starting our day with a big ol’ smoothie BUT we’re very particular about what we pop in our blender. While a smoothie filled with bananas, dates and honey might sound healthy, all of these ingredients are super high in sugar – the sugar content of fresh dates comes in at a whopping 96g per 150g – so, we do our best to steer clear of them. Instead we prefer filling our smoothies with veggies and low-fructose fruits like berries and kiwifruit. Try our Strawberry Cheesecake Protein Crunch Bowl for a filling and fruity smoothie hit.

5. Toast.

We love having toast for brekkie, but we make sure to avoid any toast that is dripping in sugary jam. Starting your day with fruit toast is also a no-no, thanks to the massive amounts of sugar in the dried fruit. Apart from the added sweet stuff however, these brekkies offer very little nutritional value. When we feel like noshing on toast for brekkie, we reach for toasted sourdough topped with avo and tomato. But, if you need a jam fix every now and then, try our low-sugar Raspberry Chia Jam for an occasional brekkie treat.

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